Ozone Pools - the ultimate luxury.

Ozone (oxygen) treatment has been used for many years, particularly in Europe, for the treatment of municipal water as well as large commercial and Olympic pools. Development in ozone technology over recent years has enabled manufacturers to produce smaller more economical generators which are perfect for pools and spas. Ozone is one of the most effective disinfectant and oxidiser available and once introduced into the water it starts to work immediately, killing bacteria and oxidising organic waste. Ozone remains in the water for only a short time and therefore has no effect on pH or water balance. This is why we also recommend that all ozone systems be installed with a variable speed pump allowing the filtration to run 24/7. The 5 and 8 star rating of variable speed pumps on the market today allow you to do this without adding excessive costs to your power bill. This also ensures that your pool is completely saturated with wonderful oxygen 24/7 giving you maximum health benefits every time you submerse your body into the pool. Ozone will help rejuvenate your skin, will have a healing effect as the ozone enters your skin (your largest organ) and oxygenates your cells. All normal cells need oxygen as the growth of cancer cells is initiated by a lack of oxygen. The water will feel like silk and you will have an incredible feeling of well being making you want to swim that much longer. No more need to shower or wash bathers and towels after every swim. Pure luxury and indulgence and even more so the water can be recycled to water your garden or grass. Plants also love oxygen so you can feel good about doing your part for the planet.

We now have two Ozone systems that we can offer to clients: 

The original Ozone Purifier comprises of a medical grade ozone generator with a secondary sanitiser - hydrogen peroxide (liquid oxygen) which comes with a doser plus three other products that get added to the pool fortnightly in summer and one product only required for winter months when pool is not being used.

The NEWEST & latest addition to the Ozone family is the Oxy Silver Purifier which comes complete with a medical grade ozone generator as well as a Silver Cell giving you the ultimate sanitation system for your pool.  You are getting the benefit of the two best chlorine-free systems all in one.  Ozone with Silver & Copper ions to keep your pool safe and clean.  It just does not get any better than this!