Freshwater Pools - no more chlorine!

Barrier Reef Pools South West would like to give our clients choice when it comes to swimming filtration systems.  Whether you have a skin condition or an allergy to chlorine, we can offer you the following fresh water chlorine free systems which will not only enhance your health but will leave you with a feeling of well-being knowing that you are swimming in pure fresh clean water.

The Metal system uses silver & copper anodes to keep your water safe & clean.  Silver is nature's natural bacteriacide and copper it's natural algaecide.  Very easy system with minimal filtration running time.

The Ozone system is the Rolls Royce of pool water but does have a program that needs to be followed.  The rewards of swimming in this silky lovely smelling water is so worth it and not to mention the many health benefits of swimming in oxygenated water.  It really does not get much better than this!

The Mineral pool also has many therapeutic benefits but this system does have a small amount of chlorine going into the pool.  Chlorine levels would be half of that of a chlorine or saltwater pool.  Again here the health benefits of swimming in magnesium & potassium outweigh the small amount of chlorine this system produces. Magnesium being a natural muscle relaxant makes for a very relaxing & therapeutic water to swim or soak in. It is your next best alternative to a salt pool and very affordable.